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I previously saw Liane’s work in Brisbane on a barbershop window, and was absolutely blown away with the exquisite, artistic detail that was put into this signage.
I decided then, and there that I had to get Liane to come and do some work for me in Cairns, Far North Queensland. 
The job that Barker Signs did for me absolutely blew me away. I was happy to let her do pretty much whatever she wanted. I just wanted her to absolutely have heaps of fun with it and make an incredible piece and that’s what I got.
We’ve had many people walk past our front window and stop in and say how much they love our signage and it’s incredible I could not rate Liane high enough for her work. 

Jake Straat - Royal Blue Tattoo, Cairns, Far North Queensland

Barney - The Welding Shop - Brisbane

I scored my first job within 24 hours of having my awesome
signwork created by Liane on my Chevvy Pick Up.
Exceptional quality work! Creative and thoughtful designs!
Always a pleasure to work with!

Yvette Griggs

Wow, our sign is beyond amazing, love every little thing about it. 

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into it!

So so blown away by what you came up with for us!

James - Buzzard’s Barber Shop

Peachy Patra - Pin Up

I highly recommend Liane’s work! She is such a talented artist and so helpful. She painted the most awesome “Smokin Hot” on the back of my jacket. I love it so much and I always get compliments on it. She did it really fast and to exactly how I wanted it.
Liane is a patient teacher and could explain all the basics simply and guide us in practicing the new brush strokes and design elements of signwriting alongside giving great business advice. Thanks to this course I feel I can finally start exploring a totally new craft with some confidence and really enjoy it. 

Meghan M, Dublin, Ireland

Liane is a brilliant teacher and awesome mentor. 
My skills and knowledge have improved exponentially in the time 
I’ve been learning from her. She teaches you the foundations 
so you can build all other skills from there.

Rosalie H, QLD

Thank you so much for your time and dedication Liane, I learned so much in your class and am excited to apply some practice and improve in this craft! You are an incredible teacher and
I’m honored to say I’ve attended one of your classes.

Hunter, USA

"This is *by far* the best class I’ve taken in my career, thus far.
One on one instruction.
A ‘visual learning’ based workbook that you can print out; Chock full of tips and skilled knowledge.
Structured homework assignments.
The ability to meet new artists from all over the globe.
For what it is valued at, I can tell you the investment in taking this class, online or in person, is worth so much more.
Thank you, Liane!"

Kate C, USA

Thank you for offering your knowledge, time, and passion
to those of us looking for a helping hand in learning this craft.
Your class was so helpful to me, you do a great job of giving instruction as well as individual feedback, we appreciate you
and what you are doing.
It is so important and amazing to keep this craft alive; 
again, thank you so much.

Jason F, USA

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