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COURSE ONE - Mastering the Art of Brush Skills


Are you ready to unlock the secrets of hand-painted lettering?


Dive into the captivating world of signwriting with this comprehensive first unit, "Mastering the Art of Brush Skills".


"Mastering the Art of Brush Skills" is the first course in the program "Mastering the Art of Signwriting" and is designed to assist beginners, lettering enthusiasts or professional sign artists develop and improve their lettering skills.


Designed for beginners and lettering enthusiasts alike, this is the first course of the full, "Mastering the Art of Signwriting" Program and is your gateway to mastering the essential brush techniques required for sign lettering.


Each video is broken down into easy to follow, step by step visual instruction so that you can learn at your own pace. Liane focuses on making sure you understand each movement and technique when using a signwriting brush and provides you with detailed lesson summary sheet and practice sheets to ensure you achieve the correct lettering result.



  • Tools and Equipment: Understand essential tools and selecting the perfect signwriting brush.

  • Brush Preparation: Learn proper care, cleaning, and maintenance for optimal performance.

  • Charging the Brush: Master paint application for precise and consistent strokes.

  • Essential Strokes: Learn the essential brushstrokes required to create the perfect letter


  • Practical Exercises: Step-by-step guidance covers straight, angled, and curved strokes.

  • Downloadable Practice Sheets: Access pre-printed practice sheets for skill enhancement.


Whether you are a budding enthusiast or aspiring professional, "Mastering the Art of Brush Skills" equips you with the right knowledge and techniques for creating the perfect hand-painted sign letter.


$97.00 USD 
Includes downloadable practice sheets and 12months access

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