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Leaf Pattern Design


Gilding is the laying of leaf of gold, silver and imitation gold (copper or aluminium) on a prepared surface. For centuries gilders have applied gold leaf to furniture, objects of art, religious icons, cathedrals and stately homes. 

We offer unique gilding services to enhance your Office, Foyer, Home or Yacht. 

  •  23.5ct Genuine Gold Leaf Signage 

  •  Gilded Walls, Ceilings and Furniture 

  •  Bespoke Hand Painted Murals

  •  Gilding Restoration Service 

Specialising in unique, original designed Gilded Signage on glass for business and professional services, Custom framed Gold Leaf House Names, Gold Leaf Transom House Numbers, Custom Wedding & Special Occasion Signs, Restoration of Vintage Gold Leaf Signs.



Using a range of high end materials and styles we offer unique Gilded Interiors including Walls, Ceilings & Furniture to enhance your Office, Foyer, Home or Yacht.



We offer a complete gilding restoration service for damaged or old gold leaf signage, furniture and frames.

Keri Lee III - Super Yacht

23ct genuine gold leaf embellishments added to decorative elements on antique furniture, mirror frames and finials.

Jamieson Studio Ceiling

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Bespoke Gilded Wallpaper

Gilded wallpaper backdrop using Dutch Leaf for photoshoot set.

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