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One on One Private Lessons

Sign up for professional hands on SIGNWRITING, DESIGN & LAYOUT FOR SIGNS and/or GOLD LEAF tuition by Liane who has over 40 years signwriting, gilding and design experience.


Sessions are offered on an hourly basis and can be purchased either individually or packaged to suit your requirements.

Email me for more info and to arrange suitable times that coincide with both our relative timezones.


Sessions offered:



There are 8 individual sessions that will cover the basic principals of Signwriting as well as marking out lettering.

  1. Understanding letter proportion through marking out basic block lettering, 

  2. Learn correct brush techniques and exercises to improve your signwriting

  3. Marking out basic letter styles and understanding correct letter spacing of words for transfer onto various substrates,

  4. Construction and signwriting of lettering,

  5. Basic Colour theory and understanding how colour can enhance a sign,

  6. Shading techniques for letter embellishment, 


As well as the above there will be discussions on how to set up your tool kit and the correct use of materials and equipment.






Design and Layout for signs, or Gold Leaf techniques for gilding on glass or surfaces.

 How to set up your tool kit as well as practical worksheets each week for home practice.

Email Liane at for more information and to arrange a starting time that suits both parties.

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